[Solved] Fix Sims 4 “Unable To Execute Command” | Quickly & Easily!


Sometimes, executing console commands in Sims 4 isn't as straightforward as most think.

There have been many instances where Sims 4 players come across a pretty frustraiting error message “unable to execute” command. This basically happens after entering a command in the console of Sims 4. The console can be used for a multitude of things, but mainly cheats. That’s all there is to it. So, is this an issue with the actual game itself, or a player error?

How To Fix “Unable To Execute Command” – Sims 4

Mostly, its down to player error if I’m honest. There are more than a couple of things to do before you start using the command, and if the requirements aren’t met, the game presents this message.

Before we get into what you need to do to properly use the console in Sims 4, you can try a simple restart of the game, to ensure that it isn’t actually a problem with the game.

Players do get frustrated when they come across this message, and it is apparent that it happens quite often. Reddit threads are being made, and forum posts as well. But the most common reason that it happens is: players try to use the command before getting into the game.

In other words, you must choose a family to play on in Sims 4, and get into the actual game before executing commands through the console.

The console can be opened even if a player is not in the game, i.e. in the main menu. However, if you’re in the main menu, most commands don’t work.

If you’re still having trouble executing commands, and they’re cheat commands, then you’ll need to ensure that cheats are enabled. You can do this by typing “testingCheats true”, and pressing Enter.

As the console in Sims 4 is case-sensitive, make sure that you capitalize the letters that need to be capitalized.

To recap, “unable to execute command” usually happens when a player tries to execute commands in the main menu and not in the actual game, or if that happens for cheat commands, then cheats have to be enabled.

Of course, the possibility that this is an error for an improperly typed in command is also there, so make sure your commands are typed in correctly. Also, make sure you’re using a US or a UK keyboard layout on your PC.