We’re excited to continue including members of the diverse and global Simmer community and will push forward to find new and different ways to highlight more of you.

We had a chance to sit down with Xmiramira, SpringSims, Simarchy, HollieBB, and Pixielocks, who shared stories, insight, and advice. Read on to learn more about these fantastic creators who are building their channels and spreading positivity.

(From left: Xmiramira, HollieBB, SpringSims, and Simarchy. Pixielocks not pictured, but she's awesome, too!)

Hi, all! How has The Sims impacted your life?

Xmiramira: It’s a fun game that allows me to express my creativity and have fun with other people. I like to play out storylines that I wish to have in real life. My self-Sim has tons of businesses. She owns about four. That’s something that I would like to do one day.

HollieBB: The Sims gives me such a creative jolt. And I create a bunch of challenges, so it’s an awesome way to indulge your inner child as an adult. For me, there are so many aspects to it. The building, the gameplay, and I can create what I want in my own world. It gives me that ability and it allows me to do what I love every day. I just don’t want to play anything else!

SpringSims: When I started playing The Sims, it was something that I wanted to play with and be creative with. I wanted to tell stories and see what I could really do. It was an outlet for me to be happy, really. I’ve made friends through The Sims’ community and we’re like one big, happy, family.

Simarchy: I actually came into The Sims after playing a game called Animal Crossing. They came out with a spinoff where you could design houses for little animal villagers. And I was so obsessed with that, I started looking for other design games, and I fell upon The Sims! I’ve stuck with it because of the community, all the friendships I’ve made, and it helps me have something to look forward to. I play it every single day!

Pixielocks: I grew up playing it and it was always just something fun and kind of took you away from the real world. It lets you escape from everyday life and get into something new and more fun. Recently, I picked it back up because I’m moving to a new home and I was trying to figure out the floor plan. So, I decided it would make a lot of sense to design it on The Sims. So, I completely rebuilt my new place in The Sims! I really, really enjoy building.

How have you personally grown your community?

Xmiramira: With anything I do, I always try to put in extra effort. My mom always taught me, if you have a problem, always try and find a solution. I felt with my personality and the type of demographic I would attract, I would have to actually sit down and take the time to find that demographic. So, my first question when I got on YouTube was, “Where are all the black people? Where are all the people of color? I need to find them.” People talk about having a channel and others finding you, but in my case, I had to find my community. I decided to divide my time between creating videos and community-building. It’s not easy, but I love it.

HollieBB: I build my community in a way that’s inclusive and welcoming. I think The Sims really mirrors that in the gameplay, which is helpful. So that brings in the type of person that’s interested in the game, but stays because of that community feeling.

SpringSims: I started on YouTube. I started making videos in high school, then I shifted to Facebook groups. Then, I went back to YouTube, started doing more gameplay, and now I stream on Twitch at the same time. Lots of back and forth!

Simarchy: I started off on Facebook, just going into all of the different groups, talking to people, and making connections. I answered questions about the game, helped admin, and then from there, I started a YouTube channel. I met so many people, and then branched out to Twitch, as well. So now I livestream on Twitch, and I’ve moved everyone over to that channel.

Pixielocks: I do mostly fashion-based content. I started four years ago, and my style has changed throughout the years, but it’s always been very bright, colorful, and cutesie. So, I kept uploading and kept at it, dabbled in a couple different things. I’ve tried gaming videos, some lifestyle videos, and vlogs. I’m kind of a personality-based channel and I’m really happy about where it’s going.

What advice would you give to people who’d like to grow their own community?

Xmiramira: Stick to it. Try new things, look at your analytics, try and research different social channels. Don’t be afraid to try something. Even if it’s out of your comfort zone, you never know how it may go for you. Stay consistent and keep in contact with your community as much as you can.

HollieBB: You’re not going to know, at first, what type of channel that you want. But, try to identify that pretty early on and know the type of people that you want to have in your “house.” Some people will allow negativity because it’s one more viewer, but you have to weed people out who are negative and toxic. If you do, you’ll be able to grow a more positive environment and a community that you’re proud of.

SpringSims: Make connections and make friends. Interact with people, their livestreams, the Gurus on Twitter, and people in the community. Making friends is definitely key when you want to grow your channel because those people can also help you grow.

Simarchy: Make friends! Be a part of the community. Go to people’s livestreams. Comment on their videos, talk to them on Twitter. That’s how you gain friendships, and that ultimately leads to viewers.

Pixielocks: Go into it with the right mindset. Start doing it because it’s fun or because you have a message to share. If you start there, people will see that you’re genuine, and the numbers will come.