Sims 4 Wedding Stories: How To Plan The Perfect Wedding

We take a look at how to plan the perfect wedding including all those little details.

The Sims 4 Wedding Stories overhauls the wedding system, allowing you to take full control of your special day. Introducing new events and activities, it replaces the existing wedding system with a more fleshed out alternative. You'll need to use the new calendar feature to plan your day and there's also preparation work to do.

No matter if you want a beach wedding, a quick jaunt to the town hall or a ceremony in your backyard, this guide will help you turn into a Sim wedding planner extraordinaire. Here's everything you need to know about planning a wedding in The Sims 4.

At the time of writing some aspects of this pack do not function as expected. This guide is based on how the events are designed to work. Fixes are in progress and will be released during the coming weeks.

The Wedding Event Planner

The first thing you'll notice about weddings is that they can now be planned using the in-game calendar. However, you'll need to be engaged or married in order to plan a wedding event.



Adding A Wedding Event

To start planning open the calendar, and you'll see a new option to Add Wedding Event underneath the existing options for holidays and events. This option allows you to choose any of the seven new wedding-themed events.

Simply select the day you wish to have the event on and then click the plus symbol next to Add Wedding Event. This will take you to the event selection menu.

Choosing A Wedding Event

There are seven types of wedding event in total; Vow Renewal, Wedding Ceremony, Rehearsal Dinner, Reception, Family Gathering, Bach Party, and Engagement Dinner.

Engaged couples cannot plan a Vow Renewal and married couples cannot plan an Engagement Party or Wedding Ceremony.

Each event has different activities associated with it, so you'll want to make sure you select the one which suits your needs. While the events do have goals none of them have a time limit, so you can take as long as you like to complete them.


Preparing The Guest List

Once you've chosen an event the next step will be a guest list. Wedding Ceremonies and Vow Renewals will have a more in-depth guest list as you will be able to select Sims to fulfill the following roles:

  • Sim Of Honor (up to two Sims of any gender)
  • Officiant
  • Flower Pal
  • Ring Bearer

In order for a Sim's name to show up as a choice you'll need to have asked them in game to take up the desired role, and they need to have accepted. If you haven't done this yet, then you can edit the event later and add them in. The event can be created with just the bride and groom selected.

Selecting Your Activities

In this menu, traditions are replaced by activities, but they essentially serve the same purpose. Once Sims participate then you can check the activity off the list. The more you check off the better your trophy when the event ends. Some activities will require specific items so make sure you have the following:

  • The Toasting Celebration Bucket - To make toasts and give speeches.
  • A Banquet Table - To easily serve food and desserts.
  • A Bar - To make and serve drinks; mixologist optional.
  • Just A Spot Of Tea or Double Happiness Tea Set - To make and serve tea.
  • A Wedding Arch - To exchange vows.
  • An Aisle - To walk down the aisle.
  • A Dance Floor - For a first dance or any other type of dancing.

All of the items above are available in the build and buy catalogue but a couple you'll need to purchase through gameplay. A bouquet, which you'll require if you want to throw it, is available from the flower seller's trailer and a wedding cake can be purchased from the cake store. Both of these places are by the fountain in the Porto Luminoso area of Tartosa.

Alternatively, if you have skilled Sims they can craft their own bouquet with the flower arranging skill or use gourmet cooking to bake a wedding cake.

Adjusting The Details

This section allows you to customise the details of your ceremony. Any cake you purchase will show up on the left and underneath you can set the dress code to formal or casual. If you want guests to dress in a particular colour this can also be set here.

Finally, you'll need to hit those edit outfit buttons to dress your bride and groom in their desired outfit through create-a-sim. Unfortunately, the wedding dress shop is just a facade and this is where you specify what each Sim wears.

You will have no control over what other Sims outside your household wear. The best way to get them to comply with your wants is to edit them in create-a-sim before the wedding and choose their default formal outfits before setting a formal dress code.

Child Sims in your household acting as Flower Pals can be changed by selecting the outfit options available through clicking on the Sim directly. Once again you'll need to adjust your options in create-a-sim beforehand to make sure your choice shows up as an option.


Selecting A Location

The final screen will let you select a venue for your wedding before specifying the time it should begin. Currently, you can get married on the following lot types:

  • Residential
  • Wedding venue
  • Park
  • Beach

You'll want to visit your location before the ceremony to ensure that it has all the items you'll need to complete the activities you've chosen.

Once this information is selected you can click the tick and the date will be set. The event will be editable by the Sim who created it up until around an hour before the time it begins. This means you can make any last minute adjustments or include anything you missed, like a Sim of Honor who hadn't yet accepted your proposal.

Quick Tips For Throwing The Perfect Wedding

Now you've got the basics down here are a few quick tips to help you have the perfect day.

  • Click the bouquet in your inventory to set it as a wedding bouquet. This should mean you walk down the aisle with it as a default. Alternatively, select it manually and click hold before you send your Sim to the wedding arch.
  • Wedding cakes can be glitchy so making one and storing it in a fridge is fiddly but can really help out. Simply drag it and place it on a flat surface when required.
  • Any Sim can do a speech or propose a toast to fulfill these activities, even if others aren't paying attention.
  • If you encounter issues then check for updates as the team are currently fixing these through patches.
  • You can use the ceremony as one event and don't need to organise a seperate reception. You can only schedule one event per day anyway so this is only useful if you want to elope then hold a reception afterward.
  • You can now elope at the town hall in Tartosa, rather than just in your bathroom.

Above all make sure you enjoy the day. The events are nto timed so you can go at your own pace.