Making Escape Windows in The Sims 4 High School Functional

Having problems getting the escape window to work? We’re here to help!

The new window Sims can climb out of is a super cool addition to the High School Years expansion but the game isn’t exactly clear on how to use it. This has led to a lot of players scratching their heads in confusion when their Sims can’t use the window.

On the first floor, using the window is straight-forward. Just place it anywhere on the ground floor and you’re good to go. Just make sure you have some kind of patio or deck below it if the house is on a foundation.

On the second floor, things get trickier. Here’s how to get the escape window to work properly on the second floor!


Find a place to put the window. The tile under it will glow orange and the game will tell you the object isn’t functional in that spot. Don’t worry. We’re about to make it functional.

Build a small landing just outside the window. The Sims cannot use the window if they don’t have some type of ground to stand on. You can embellish it to look like a wraparound ledge or a balcony if it doesn’t look aesthetically pleasing.

Place the lattice ladder (or any ladder) going from the ledge to the ground floor.

Now your Sims can climb out the window, stand on the ledge, and then climb down the ladder!


The window will not work with a ladder directly up against it. We see a lot of players trying this. Even I did it when I first tried to use the window but it doesn’t work.