25+ Must-Have Sims 4 CAS Poses You Can Download Free


Want to know the secret to getting amazing pictures of your sims? Sims 4 CAS Poses! Here are the create-a-sim pose packs, you NEED to know about!

sims 4 cas poses


Best Sims 4 CAS Poses

You’ll notice that under each of these CAS poses, I’ve noted the trait animation that they replace.

For example, the first pose pack replaces the Goofball trait animation. This means that when you click on the Goofball trait in Create-a-Sim, your sim will start doing the poses from that pack.

Here’s why it’s important to remember which of your pose packs replace which trait animations: you can only have one pose pack per trait downloaded at a time.

Lucky for us, some pose creators will give you multiple trait options to choose from, so if one trait is already taken, you can still download the pose pack to work with another trait.

Hopefully, that all made sense but if not, feel free to leave me a comment with any questions. Now let’s get into the CAS poses for Sims!

1. Sims 4 Female CAS Poses by ratboysims

Replaces the Goofball trait animation.

To start off the list here’s a pack of cute and simple CAS poses for female sims. (although, they will work on all genders!)

It comes with 6 poses total and works best on plus-size sims.


2. Sims 4 CAS Poses for Male Sims by Katverse

Replaces the Hot-Headed trait animation.

Katverse is known for poses, so it’s no surprise that these rock!

Get your male sim looking super suave with this set of 5 poses that can be used in CAS or in-game.

A lot of these give me a paparazzi feel so they’d be great for a famous sim.


3. Sims 4 CAS Poses for Child Sims by helgatisha

Replaces the Music Lover or Dog Lover trait animation.

These child poses have so many different expressions and moods, which makes them great for giving you tons of variety for your photos!

They work for both boys and girls.

There is also an in-game version for posing 2 child sims together.


4. Sims 4 CAS Smiling Pose by Katverse

Replaces the Active trait animation

There is beauty in simplicity. If you’re looking for a simple smiling CAS pose then this is the one for you!

Fun Fact: This was Katverse’s very FIRST pose.


5. Sims 4 CAS Poses for Toddlers by atashi77

Replaces the Clingy trait animation.

If you’ve got a toddler sim, these are absolutely essential for your mods folder.

They are so freakin’ cute!! 


I mean the looking between the legs one…come on now!

All 18 of these wonderful poses can be used in create-a-sim as well as in-game.


6. Sims 4 CAS Hand Poses by ratboysims

Replaces the Geek trait animation.

If you’ve seen any of the main images on my other posts, some of these should look fairly familiar, because I use these all the time!

They’re great for close-up photos of your sim.

There are 8 different poses to choose from and they work in both CAS and in-game.


7. Cute CAS Poses for Sims 4 by Katverse

Replaces the Self-Assured trait animation.

If you’re just looking for cute, happy poses these are a great choice!

They’re simple but in the best way.

There are 5 poses to choose from, and though they’re meant to work on female sims, they will work on all genders.


8. Sims 4 Male CAS Poses by gladlypants

Replaces the Foodie trait animation.

The majority of these poses for dudes give me total tough guy vibes. They’d be great for a sim with some attitude!

There are 14 different poses to choose from in this pack.


9. Sims 4 CAS Poses for Dogs by ayumea

Replaces the Glutton trait animation.

Don’t go thinking I forgot about dogs! After all, they’re part of the family too.

These poses go to show you can teach an old dog new tricks.

There are 3 separate downloads for this one: large dog poses, small dog poses, and puppy poses.

Each download contains 12 different poses for your pups!



10. Unique CAS Poses for Sims 4 by nsves

Replaces the Creative or Bookworm trait animation.

If you’re going for a look that isn’t so generic, then these unique CAS poses for the Sims 4 will be right up your alley!

Allow your sim to let loose and get funky.

The 15 poses work great in create-a-sim, but could also be used in-game to create some truly original shots.


11. Sims 4 CAS Pregnancy Poses by Katverse

sims 4 maternity shoot cc

Replaces the Cheerful trait animation.

Show off that big, beautiful belly with these essential pregnancy poses.

These are great for baby shower invitations or just to remember your sim at the prime of their pregnancy.

There are 5 poses and they obviously work best with a pregnant sim.



12. Sims 4 Model CAS Poses by helgatisha

Replaces the Self-Absorbed or Goofball trait animation.

All of these feel like they belong on the cover of a magazine.

They would be great to show off custom content, or as glamor shots for your sim.

This is a HUGE pack and has 29 different model poses to choose from.


13. Sims 4 Hand Poses for CAS by helgatisha

Replaces the Vegetarian or Cheerful trait animation.

Here we have yet another GREAT (and large!) pack by helgatisha.

This pack is essential for showing off your sim’s gorgeous jewelry, nails, and make-up.

Having 26 options gives you room to be creative with these stunning close-up portraits.



14. Sims 4 CAS Poses for Cats by ayumea

Replaces the Glutton trait animation.

meow.. Yes, of course, there’s room for cats on this list.

Just like with the dog poses there are two variants, one for cats and one for kittens.


15. Female Create-A-Sim Poses by Katverse

Replaces the Snob trait animation.

This set is another go-to for me! I use these all the time.

I especially like the one where the sim is leaving forward and smiling.

There are a total of 5 poses in the pack.


16. Shy Sims 4 CAS Poses by ratboysims

Replaces the Gloomy trait animation.

When I was growing up I was super shy, so these poses really hit home for me.

They capture the awkwardness of not wanting your picture taken, while still being cute.

These 6 poses can be used in CAS and in-game.


17. Sims 4 Toddler & Child CAS Poses by helgatisha

Replaces the Charmer & Geek trait animation.

Ah, just what the simmers ordered, more child and toddler sim poses!

This is actually a 2-in-1 with new poses for both age groups, each one containing 20 poses.

The child sim pose pack is especially great for little boy sims, which we don’t see often!



18. Create-a-Sim Male Poses by Katverse

Replaces the Hot-Headed trait animation.

Yes, Katverse is back again with more amazing sims 4 cas poses!

And you won’t be surprised to hear that these are my go-to cas poses for male sims. You might even recognize some of them from my photos!

Each of the 5 poses included is dapper and masculine in just the right way.


19. Cool Girl CAS Poses for Sims 4 by helgatisha

Replaces the Artlover or Vegetarian trait animation.

It’s a delicate balance between body placement and hand placement when it comes to these create-a-sim poses, but yet again helgatisha has nailed it!

Poses like this have such a wide range of possibilities, from a high-fashion magazine shoot to your latest Simstagram post.

There are 24 pose variations included.

P.S. These are the CAS poses I used for my Sim photo at the beginning of this post!


20. Sims 4 Toddler Boy CAS Poses by casteru

Replaces the Angelic trait animation.

Toddlers are so expressive because they haven’t yet been taught to hide or control their emotions.

That really comes through in these poses and I love it!

All 14 of these are modeled on a toddler boy, but they will also work on toddler girls.


21. Expressive Pose Pack for CAS by WyattsSims

Replaces the Foodie, Music Lover, or Art Lover trait animation.

Let your sim’s emotions speak for themselves with this expressive pose pack!

These are great for taking portraits of your sims and are available as both create-a-sim poses and in-game poses.

All 15 of the poses work for both male and female sims!


22. CAS Model Poses for Kids by atashi77

Replaces the Art Lover trait animation.

I love the feeling behind these because they seem like exactly what a child would do as soon as you whip out a camera.

Use them in create-a-sim to showcase their cuteness or in-game for a candid, snapshot look.

The 18 poses in this pack can be used for boy sims or girl sims!


23. Fun Sims 4 CAS Poses by ratboysims

Replaces the Hot-Headed trait animation.

Here’s another gorgeous set from ratboysims that’s a little more playful.

I really love the way they make use of the hands and arms in their poses.

With this download, you’ll 5 poses in total.


24. Male CAS Poses for Sims 4 by helgatisha

Replaces the Maker or Active trait animation.

Want to showcase some sims 4 male cc? Or need some male model poses for that certain hot sim?

This is the perfect CAS pose pack with 20 alluring, and somewhat, mysterious poses.

The facial expressions may be subtle and stoic, but they’re still interesting.

You can also download an in-game version of these poses, so your sims can take the photoshoot to the streets!


25. Expressive Sims 4 CAS Poses by ratboysims

Replaces the Gloomy trait animation.

I really adore this set of expressive poses! They are so cute and light-hearted.

These feel like they’re meant for the girl-next-door type!

With the download, you’ll get 4 poses in total.