Sims Camp landed in London this week and we’re so grateful to all the Simmers who participated, both in-person and online. 

We had many members of the community there, and they did all kinds of fun things. We spotted Simmers:

  • Trying out The Sims™️ 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack* – creators had a blast building homes, checking out objects, and creating new Sims
  • Livestreaming from our Twitch channel (with some surprise furry friends!)
  • Munching on sweet treats that kept everyone buzzing
  • Posing in front of the Get Famous red carpet
  • Getting their glam on at the makeup station, featuring professional makeup artists
  • Singing their favorite tunes in the karaoke installation, complete with Simlish songs
  • Taking instant photos and sticking them to a festive wall
  • Collecting wind-blown “Simoleons” in a money machine
  • Jumping into a ball pit filled with Plumbob-colored orbs, of course
  • Creating content and making connections, which was the most heartwarming part
  • A huge thank you to everyone who made Sims Camp happen, and we look forward to bringing more Simmers opportunities like this in the future.
  • Keep an eye out for lots of new content from your favorite Game Changers on October 22 (The Sims 4) and October 24 (The Sims Mobile). They’ll be getting into the latest releases and more.
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