We’re excited to continue including members of the diverse and global Simmer community and will push forward to find new and different ways to highlight more of you.

“A few things that I really love about it are the attention to detail and the world. Just seeing small details, things we’ve never had that before. Also, I love how vast the objects catalogue is. Honestly, I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a catalogue this big, so this is almost overwhelming for me! I love it.” - Pixelade

“So far, I love the CAS items. Being able to build your own sets is really cool. I absolutely love the vault, and being able to add so much money to it and play with it. From what I’ve seen, it looks amazing!” - Neecxle

“It’s really fun! I’ve been playing it for an hour straight, so that says a lot. I love building houses, so I think that will be the most fun part.” - Anna Maynard

“I really enjoy the perk system! I love when they did that with Vampires, so I’m glad they brought it back for something else, too.” - Vixella

“I’m really excited about it! I didn’t know what to expect coming into it. I’m excited to see what it all is. I’ve been doing a lot of building, so I love the objects. Like this rug! It’s the little things, you know?” - lilsimsie

“I’m really impressed with all the new stuff that’s been added, especially since, as an influencer myself, there’s an influencer career. I think that’s really cool, so I’m excited to play around with that. All the other different ways that you can get famous are really cool, too. The fact that you can not only get famous through a career, but can also do it through donating money to charities and stuff, is really great. I’m really excited for it!” - Yammy

“I’m enjoying the objects so far. As you can see, my Sim spent all her money buying the toilet. I like it!” – DrGluon

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