The Sims™ 4 is a big game with lots to discover! If you’re not sure where to start, try one of the recommended focuses ahead. Of course, there are thousands of other ways to play too. It’s The Sims, after all—the only limit is your own creativity!


So, you’re a daydreamer, huh? Do you like to come up with stories? Play out dramas in the shower, or imagine fake arguments while you’re driving? Yep, you’re a natural storyteller.

Lean into it in The Sims 4! You’re in control here. Get started without the work when you download Lots and Sims from the Gallery, or create your own Sims who are just perfect for the story you have in mind. Guide them through character growth and life accomplishments, or get messy and watch the chaos unfold. The play you’ve been writing in secret? Act it out through your Sims. Start a career as a comedian or get into a fight without fear. Marry the love of your Sim's life after a single date. Have a kid with an alien! . 

If that’s not enough to inspire you, try a community challenge like the popular 100 Baby Challenge or a Rags to Riches Challenge (no using cheats!). Perhaps a Generations Challenge is more up your alley? However you want to play, go for it. Only you can tell your story.


You could start with a premade house in your Sim’s new neighborhood, but why not build the perfect home for them instead? With the Build/Buy catalog in game, the possibilities are endless. Try building something as small as possible that still fills all of a Sim’s Needs, or aim to construct the largest mansion possible. Re-create your childhood home from memory.

Once you master houses, branch out to other creations. Maybe a hedge maze is what your Sims need, or perhaps a fantastic new venue based on a futuristic space station. Build a garden fit for a queen, or model a museum after a ship. Don’t be afraid to get a bit weird!


Stylists are all about creating a unique character. From personality traits to physical features, gender customization, and clothing selections, every Sim is an individual.

Create-a-Sim mode gives you the freedom to unleash your imagination. Transform real-life humans into their Sim counterparts, or get wild and veer off into the supernatural realms. Play with the controls to customize everything about your Sim: their voice, movement, body shape, aspirations, interests, traits, scars, hairstyles, accessories—everything! Play with Genetics when you’re introducing families, or randomize a Sim to work on.


Sims are just as ambitious as we are (unless they’re lazy, of course). They all have desires and aspirations, whether that means moving up the career ladder or dedicating themselves to a cause they believe in. When Sims fulfill their Whims and Aspirations or excel in their Careers, they earn Satisfaction Points and rewards for doing so. 

Did you know that Sims can have multiple Aspirations? Try accomplishing three or more in a Sim’s lifetime for a challenge. Or bounce around from one career to the next to try them all out! Maybe you want to become friends with every single Sim in the neighborhood. Maybe you want to… WooHoo with every Sim in the neighborhood? Start checking off your Sim’s deepest wishes now.