The Sims 4 Tiny Living Stuff becomes available January 21 for PC/Mac and February 4 for Xbox and Playstation 4 Consoles. This new stuff pack features objects and systems that will not only help but also encourage living in tiny homes. They encourage it in a big way. If you live in a little house, you can get double skill gains on that entire lot and if you can crunch it down to the minimum size, will also get increased relationship gains and plant growth. Let's go over the main gameplay additions of this pack, then go over the build/buy that it offers.

While there aren't many gameplay objects I would typically cover, it's worth noting that Tiny Living comes with a tv/bookshelf/radio combo that may be of use to living in a tiny home while still having access to entertainment. You can see these objects beneath the bit on Murphy Beds below, along with the majority of the build/buy items you will find in the Stuff Pack. They also have Murphy Beds. For those not in the know, a Murphy Bed is a type of bed that is stored in a wall and can be changed from day to night mode. You can store the bed up in the wall, and when up there can be a seat or something useful there while at night the seat is collapsed and the bed comes out. For players new to the Sims, this type of bed has a history of killing many thousands of Sims.