The Sims 4 Plant Sim: How To Cure or Become One (Guide)

What is a Plantsim in Sims 4?

When a Sim is turned into a PlantSim, it acquires the skill to converse with plants which are significantly very helpful in the wellbeing of plants and the Sim consequently gets a gold Gardening badge.

A plantsim who is reverted to its normal Sims life will still hold the badge and subsequently the ability to talk with the plants.

Initially, the PlantSims were brought into the game with a Plantsim challenge. Later, the gamers believed that plantsims are no longer a part of the game. Be that as it may, there are still some approaches to turning into a plantsim in the game.


How to become a Plantsim in The Sims 4?

There are many ways to become a plantsim either by using the cheats or even without the cheats. These will let you talk to the plants. So, go through the following methods to get to know the details.

i. Become a Plantsim with Cheats

Becoming a plantsim using the cheats is the easiest and simplest way. It is considered as the path of least resistance when you are playing the Sims 4 game. This is an amazing hack that can swindle you into a plantsim and you can enjoy the game even better.

To start with, you have to open the cheat box. For that purpose, you need to press the (Ctrl + Shift + C) keys altogether from the keyboard. It will open the cheat box.

Now you have to enter “testingcheats true” in it. It will help in enabling the cheats so that you can get all the options for better playing. After you enable the cheats, go to your sim that you want to be turned into a plantsim and press the “Shift button and click” on the Sim.

You will be given the choice to “Make into Plantsim”, by clicking on it your sim will be transformed into a Plantsim right away.

Furthermore, you can utilize another cheat to turn into a plantsim and that is the “buy debug cheat”. To activate this cheat, you have to open the cheat box and then type “bb.showhiddenobjects” and then press the Enter button.

After that, you will be accessible to Forbidden Fruit of the Plantsim that you can by searching in the build mode. Its specialty is that whenever you will eat this fruit your sim will automatically be converted into it.

ii. Become a plantsim Without Cheats

Becoming a plantsim without using the cheats will take quite some time and money as well. The main condition is that you should take your sims to at least level 10 of gardening skill.

It is because you will have to buy the rare seed packets that are only accessible if you are on level 10 of gardening skill. You can buy the rare seed packets by ordering on the PC or even get them from the build mode. Each packet of rare seed costs $ 1000.

You may get just one magic bean every time you buy a rare bean packet. You have to collect 6 magic beans. Additionally, you need to buy a Magic Plantsim Stump and insert all 6 magic beans into it.

Then you have to water the stump and you will see the tree growing. After that, you have to enter the tree and get the Fruit of Plantsim. Now you can turn yourself into a Plantim by eating the fruit.

Moreover, you have to keep eating the fruit at regular intervals because the effect of being a plantsim fades every 5 days.

Requirements of Plantsims

Just like the normal Sims, the Plantsims also have some basic needs. For instance, to quench their thirst you have to water them or maybe give them a shower.

For their yearning need, you just have to take them outdoors into the sun. They will be the most joyful beings when in the sun and they will get the empowered moodlet. Furthermore, your Plantsims will not have to use the bathroom.

i. Plant Matter 

By having the plant matter, your Sims will begin to resemble a plantsim yet the change will not be forever but your Sims would like to spend the time in the sun.

In order to make the plant matter, you will need the ice cream maker that can only be bought if you have the cool kitchen stuff and you should have the cooking level 8 additionally, you have to spend § 47. After that, it will permit you to make the Plant matter.

ii. Reverting the Plantsim

On the off chance that you want your plantsim to get back to their normal state, all you have to do is to wait for some time because the plantsims are not permanent, their impacts only last for a maximum of 5 days. After that, they automatically turn back into the old Sims.

However, if you want a quicker way to turn the plantsims into the old sims then you can use the cheats. You just have to use the “sims.remove_all_buffs” cheat and that is only applicable if you download all Cheats Mod.


In Sims 4, transforming yourself into this. It is such an amazing and fun way to play the game. It really gives an amusing feel when you walk around all in green and be able to talk to your fellow plants.

This really enhances the game and the player can enjoy the game to its fullest! Hopefully, you’ll also have the best experience playing as a Plantsim!