Part Time Jobs in Island Living

Island Living adds a few part-time jobs to the game. These are low-responsibility (and low paying) jobs that will not take much of your time but provide a small income. Good for elders, or Sims who have plenty of money from Skills but want something different to do. You can use Careers.Promote PartTime_Diver for the Dive Instructor Career, Careers.Promote PartTime_Fisherman for the new Fisherman Career, or Careers.Promote PartTime_Lifeguard for Lifeguard. Each of these only has 3 ranks, with the final providing a livable but low 

Island Living Trait Cheats

There are a total of four traits I felt needed to be immediately listed, but others are under investigation. Use Traits.Equip_Trait TraitCode to add a trait to a Sim, or Traits.Remove_Trait TraitCode to remove a trait. Here are the trait codes and a little of what they do:


  • Trait_IslandAncestors - The new Child of the Islands Trait. These Sims can summon Elementals (special ghosts) who will deliver judgment upon them based on how well they take care of the island. They experience a deep personal connection to Sulani.
  • Trait_ChildofTheOcean - The new Child of the Ocean Trait. This one makes Sims prefer aquatic activities and gives them a happy moodlet while doing so. The sea give them peace.
  • Trait_NaturalSpeaker - This is the Natural Speaker reward trait for completing the Conservationist Career and selecting the Environmental Manager branch. This trait gives Sim an ability to enthuse and spread awareness of environmental causes, and finds more grant applications accepted in order to create environmental laws relating to the Island of Sulani.
  • Trait_FriendOfTheSea - This is the Master of the Sea Reward Trait for completing the Conservationist Career and selecting Marine Biologist instead. It gives you a bonus when building friendships with dolphins and Mermaids around Sulani. They also get a move speed boost when traveling the Oceans.