The Sims 4 Everyday Clutter Kit is an absolute dream for builders


Plus there's a Pastel Pop kit coming for cuter rooms

Sims 4 Everyday Clutter Kit

(Image credit: EA)

EA and Maxis have announced a duo of new Sims 4 Kits, and the upcoming Sims 4 Everyday Clutter Kit is going to be an absolute dream for builders looking to create realistic homes. 

After all, no-one really lives a minimalist lifestyle, do they? Surely it's all for the 'gram?

The Everyday Clutter Kit contains all sorts of items to give your home a lived-in look, from stacked magazines, coffee cups, and other things to scatter through the home. They will apparently be themed to hobbies but also general daily life, so it'll be interesting to see what variety we get when the pack drops later this month. Interestingly the press release specifically mentions "used coffee cups" so I hope it's not a reflection on how the developers think we live.

Either way, it's a massive boon for builders who have had to use cheats and hacks to gain access to the likes of Live Edit objects usually reserved for developers. 


EA and Maxis also announced the Pastel Pop Kit, which aims to let you create a pastel-themed bedroom with tones of pink, purple, yellow, green, and other pastel tones. It's oddly 60s/70s chic too, with plenty of psychedelic patterns and curved edges, with new Buy Mode options including heart chairs, puddle mirrors, and other vintage-inspired items. Apparently, it should let you add more "whimsy" to your bedroom designs - if that's what you're into.

Both Kits are dropping on November 10 on PC, Mac, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and Xbox One.

If these Kits aren't doing it for you, at least we now know that The Sims 5 - aka Project Rene is in active development.