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The Sims 4 Cheats (Full Updated List for PC/Xbox/PS4)

The following is a list of (currently) known cheats in The Sims 4. In order to input the cheats, the cheat console must be brought up using the key combination ^ Ctrl+⇧ Shift+C, similar to the predecessors of the series. On The Sims 4 For Console, the cheat console is brought up by pressing all triggers on the front of the controller simultaneously. Note that some cheats that work on the pc version do not work on the console version (such as the fps cheat)

Safe cheats

Those cheats show up when the "help" command is input, and are intended to be used by the players. They are safe to use and will not corrupt game data.

fps {on/off}

: Toggles on/off the fps meter.


: Allows to switch between fullscreen and windowed modes.


: Shows up available cheats.

headlineeffects {on/off}

: Toggles thought bubbles and the Plumbob.


: Resets selected Sim on the current lot, with neutral motives.


: Exits the game.

testingcheats {on/off}

: Enables additional "testing" cheats, not intended for use.

freerealestate {on/off}

: Allows you to move Sims in any house, for free.

casclockspeed {0-10}

: Changes speed at which time passes in CAS.

hovereffects {on/off}

: Toggles glowing appearing around Sims and objects when you hover your cursor over them.


: Shows Sim's or pet's ID.


: Shows game version.

Money cheats

Those cheats allows the player to increase, and in some cases, decrease household funds.


: Gives current household §1,000.


: Gives current household §1,000.


: Gives current household §50,000.


: Sets current household funds' amount to the input value. Requires testingcheats to be on.

Additional cheats

Those cheats can be used without testingcheats, but do not show up in the help menu.


: Allows you to place an object neglecting placement rules, anywhere. Use Ctrl+9 and 0 to change height.


: Allows you to buy Debug items in Buy mode, like Invisible Ceiling Lights.


: Unlocks every Career Reward object                            


: Allows you to change everything in Create a Sim

cas.unlockbytag GP09

: Unlocks all Journey to Batuu items in Create a Sim

cas.unlockbytag SP17

: Unlocks all Nifty Knitting Stuff items in Create a Sim

cas.unlockbytag SP18

: Unlocks all Paranormal Stuff items in Create a Sim.

death.toggle {true/false}

: Toggles Sims' death possibility. Has to be reinputted everytime the game is loaded.


: Removes all the moodlets from the current Sim.


: Bills will no longer arrive to your household.


: Turns auto respond function on.


: Spawns selected number of Sims.

objects.consumables_infinite_toggle {true/false}

: Dishes are infinite and don't spoil. Has to be reinputted everytime the game is loaded.

bb.showhiddenobjects, bb.showliveeditobjects, bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement, and cas.fulleditmode can all be disabled by re-entering the cheat and adding false.

Live Mode

Testing cheats can be used after testingcheats has been activated. In the past, this cheat had to be reactivated every time the player loaded a new lot, but that is no longer necessary.

Testing cheats refers to a variety the hidden interactions that can be accessed by shift-clicking different entities in the game. On the Console versions of the game, this can be accessed by holding the back button (PS4 & PS5 - Circle) (XB1 & Series S/X - B). Many common script mods use this function to access their interface.

Shift-Clicking Ground

The player can teleport the selected Sim anywhere in the playable part of the neighborhood. This option will not appear if the player clicked on or too close to a rug.

Shift-Clicking Items

The player can reset every item in the game by shift-clicking it, then choosing Reset Object (Debug). This is useful if an item gets stuck. It can be used to fix the bug where windows/doors/fence gates become unlinked from their wall/fence and no longer have a cutout.

Items that have dirty states can be made dirty with Make Dirty, or made clean if it's already dirtied with Make Clean.

The Set as Head makes the active Sim currently wear that object as their head. Some items are still functional while it is a Sim's head.

Shift-Clicking Mailbox

As well as the usual options for any item, mailboxes have unique cheats that effect the entire active household or the wider world.

Every action described is available under "Alter Needs" on the pie menu of the mailbox.

  • Fill Needs (World/Household): Fills the motives of every Sim worldwide or household-wide.
  • Disable {World/Household} Needs Decay: Disables the decaying of motives household-wide or worldwide depending on the chosen action.
  • Enable {World/Household} Needs Decay: Reverses the effect of Disable Needs Decay, otherwise does not change gameplay.

Pack-Specific Mailbox Cheats

Instant Enact Neighborhood Action Plan (cheat): Enacts a N.A.P. without voting. This opens a window to choose one of the N.A.P.s isn't already in place. Only available in the active household's neighborhood and if there are less than the max number (4) in place.

Instant Repeal Neighborhood Action Plan (cheat): Repeals a N.A.P. without going through the repeal process. Opens a window with the current N.A.P.s to choose from. Only available in the active household's neighborhood and if there is at least one N.A.P. in effect.

Shift-Clicking a Sim

Sims can be reset like any item by clicking Reset Object (debug). Resetting Sims will clear their action queue and will also reset any Sim(s) they are interacting with (such as having a conversion or cooking together). This can be used for both debugging purposes or as a means to immediately stop that Sim from their behavior (such as to prevent a vampire Sim from drinking uncontrollably or stop a visiting Sim from harvesting the active household's harvestables).

This list is incomplete. You can help The Sims Wiki by expanding it.

Cheat Need

Make Happy: Fills all motives for selected Sim

Disable/Enable Need Decay: Prevents or allows need decay for selected Sim


Cheat Sim Info

(Not available on child or toddler age Sims)

Lock All Motive Decay: Same as Disable Need Decay

Add Sim Preference: Randomly generates 3/4 (DHD) likes or dislikes.


Clear Marriages: Available on any Sim, has no effect on unmarried Sims.

Marry {Spouse Name} Only: Only available on married Sims

Modify in CASOpens the selected Sim's household in CAS. This functions like using a dresser or a mirror unless the cheat cas.fulleditmode was enabled before opening CAS. 
Remove From FamilyRemoves selected Sim from their household. 

Add to Family

(Only on Sims outside active household)

Adds selected Sim to the active household. Only available if there are less than the max number of the Sims (8). 
Make into Plant Sim (DEBUG)Makes the selected Sim into a PlantSim 
Career Gigs Picker (Debug)...Opens a window of all career gigs for all careers, regardless of the selected Sim's career or age. 

Toddler Care

(Available on all non-active Sims)

Change Outfit...: Opens a window to choose the selected Sim's outfit. Works the same as the "Outfits" option available on the active Sim without cheating. 
Give Bucks...Recycle Bits/Pieces: Gives the active household 500 bits/pieces, regardless of whether the selected Sim is in it. 

Cheat Eco Lifestyle NPC Role Behavior...

(Not available on child/toddler Sims)

Add Eco Master Hidden Trait, Add Master Crafter Hidden Trait, Add Entrepreneur Hidden Trait: Adds hidden trait that determines how the selected Sim will respond when discussing Eco Lifestyle topics (ex: Master Crafters can unlock new fabrication recipes). Will not show up if the active Sim is a child or toddler, even if the selected Sim is an adult/teen. 


Build/Buy Mode

All of these "cheats" work without inputting any cheats in the cheats console. Previously, it required testingcheats {true/on} and/or bb.moveobjects {true/on} for non-console players.

Resizing Objects

Using Shift + ] while an item is selected in the Build Mode will allow the player to increase the size of it. Shift + [ will decrease the size of it. Some items need to be moved to be updated to current size.

Some items will no longer function when resized, but many do. Beds, showers, sinks, and toilets are a few examples of items known to still function. For other items, only its footprint will change while the actual item stays the same.

Items with animations (frogs, fireplaces, showers, etc), with cutouts (windows/doors, dishwashers, etc), or with mirrored surfaces (mirrors, certain end tables, etc) will only partially resize as the aforementioned parts stay the same. This mechanic is exploited by some builders to create custom furniture or "open" windows.

Quarter Grid Placement/Snapping

Floor tiles can be placed as triangles that take up 1/4 of a tile with Ctrl+F. This must be reenabled every time a player leaves Build/Buy, leaves the flooring category, or uses the eyedropper tool. Switching flooring types, switching between flooring subcategories (ex: from Carpet to Tile), and Undo/Redoing will not reset it.

Most objects can be places based on 1/4 a tile (instead of 1/2 tiles) with F5.

Free Placements & Rotation

Most objects can be placed without any relation to the grid by simply holding the Alt key. When the camera is set to Sims 3 Camera, objects can be freely rotated to any angle if alt is held down while clicking and dragging with the left mouse button.

Testingcheats Console Commands

Career Cheats

careers.promote : Promotes your Sim in the specified career (Your Sim must be working in it). If used while at the top in a career, the Sim will instead get a pay rise careers.demote : Demotes your sim in the career. Same rules apply. careers.add_career : Makes your Sim join the specified career. careers.remove_career : Makes your sim leave the specified career (Your Sim must be working in it) sims.modify_career_outfit_in_cas: Allows your Sim's career outfit to be changed. This cheat must be re-entered after promotion.

Accepted careers' names are, as follows:

detective, doctor, scientist, socialmedia, careers_adult_critic, activist, secretagent, techguru, painter, entertainer, astronaut, culinary, writer, business, athlete, highschool, gradeschool

Skill Cheats

stats.set_skill_level : Gives your Sim the skill that was inputted.

Accepted skill names are, as follows. (Add Major_ before every skill name)

Acting, Archaeology, Baking, Bartending, Charisma, Comedy, Creativity, Dancing, DJ, Fabrication, Fishing, Fitness, FlowerArranging, Gardening, GourmetCooking, Guitar, Handiness, Herbalism, HomestyleCooking, Knitting, Logic, Mental, Mischief, Motor, Painting, Parenting, Photography, Piano, PipeOrgan, Programming, Reaping, Research, Robotics, RockClimbing, RocketScience, Social, Singing, Skiing, Snowboarding, Veterinarian, VideoGaming, Violin, Wellness, Writing

If cheat does not work, use stats.set_skill_level adultmajor_x for adult skills, stats.set_skill_level skill_child_ for kids' skills, and stats.set_skill_level skill_toddler_ for toddlers' skills.

Special Exceptions:

Adultminor_Entrepreneur, Adultminor_Localculture, Minor_Dancing, Minor_Juicefizzing, Minor_Mediaproduction, Minor_Medium Skill_Bowling, Skill_Crossstitch, Skill_Dogtraining, Skill_Fitness, Skill_Hidden_TreadMill_Rock_ClimbingWall_Climb Hidden_Skating Vampirelore

Aspiration Cheats

sims.give_satisfaction_points : Gives your Sim a precise amount of Satisfaction Points. aspirations.complete_current_milestone: Instantly completes the Sim's current aspiration milestone.