The Sims 4 achievements and trophies guide


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Image: Maxis/Electronic Arts via SimGuraSalo/Twitter

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The Sims 4 has a built-in achievement system that rewards points, even though the points don’t do anything. Our The Sims 4 guide will explain how to earn achievements and provide information on how to complete them.

The achievement system in the game is tied to save file, not overall progress. Console achievements are tied to the Xbox One’s achievement system and the PlayStation 4 trophy system. Completing the achievement on one save will unlock the it for the console, though not necessarily for other save files.

Though there’s no actual reward for completing The Sims 4 achievements, other than in-game achievement points that can’t be spent on anything, dedicated fans of The Sims series may want to challenge themselves by completing as many as they can. (Some of them require a lot of playing!)

You can check your progress by selecting the “achievement” button from the game’s menu. Some achievements will not show up until you actually complete them.

An example of a fresh list of The Sims 4 achievements

Credit: Maxis/Electronic Arts via Polygon

Our list below shows The Sims 4’s achievement names, how to unlock them, and what Expansion Packs, Game Packs, or Stuff Packs you might need to get it. Note that there are 100 achievements for Windows/Mac, but the PS4 and Xbox One trophy and achievement systems are missing about half of these.


AchievementRequirementsDLC required
Perfect LlamaHave a Sim bowl a perfect 10 frame game of all strikes on the bowling laneBowling Night Stuff
Simstagram StarterGain 25 Simstagram followersCats and Dogs
Simstagram InfluencerGain 250 Simstagram followersCats and Dogs
Simstagram CelebrityGain 1500 Simstagram followersCats and Dogs
View all Myshuno Meadows' SculpturesView all of Myshuno Meadows' sculpture descriptionsCity Living
Clued InHave a Sim reach max level in the Detective careerGet to Work
Down to a ScienceHave a Sim reach max level in the Scientist careerGet to Work
Patients Are a VirtueHave a Sim reach max level in the Doctor careerGet to Work
Aliens Among UsDiscover 10 aliens in disguiseGet to Work
Carried AwayHave Sims be abducted by aliens 3 timesGet to Work
Autopsy-TurvyPerform surgery successfully on an alienGet to Work
Double LifeHave an alien in disguise marry a Sim without knowing their secretGet to Work
Very Special DeliveryHave a male Sim give birth to an alien babyGet to Work
You-Reek-AMake a scientific breakthrough while taking a showerGet to Work
Piece of Cake!Have a Sim reach max level in the Baking skillGet to Work
Are You Entertained?Have a Sim reach max level in the Entertainer careernone
Captain of the IndustryHave a Sim reach max level in the Business careernone
Flying ColorsHave a Sim reach max level in the Painter careernone
I, SpyHave a Sim reach max level in the Secret Agent careernone
Knack of All TradesReax max level in every career in The Sims 4none
Startup UpstartHave a Sim reach max level in the Tech Guru careernone
Stellar WorkHave a Sim reach max level in the Astronaut careernone
Suave CriminalHave a Sim reach max level in the Criminal careernone
The Pen is MightierHave a Sim reach max level in the Writer careernone
Up a NotchHave a Sim reach max level in the Culinary careernone
World CompetitorHave a Sim reach max level in the Athlete careernone
Til Death Do Us PartHave a Sim die at their own weddingnone
Alphabet LegacyPlay a household for 26 generations or morenone
AspirationalComplete every Aspiration in The Sims 4none
Baby BoomHave 400 babies across all your Simsnone
Event HorizonEarn a Silver rating on 5 different social eventsnone
Full HousePlay with an eight-Sim household in The Sims 4none
Ghost FamilyHave a family of eight playable ghostsnone
GhostlyHave a ghost join your householdnone
Honorary SimGuruPlay The Sims 4 for 100 hoursnone
Host with the MostHost 50 Bronze or better Social Events across all Simsnone
In the GamePlay The Sims 4 for 24 hoursnone
Just Getting StartedPlay The Sims 4 for 5 hoursnone
Knock, Knock...Visit 25 different lots in The Sims 4none
Legacy LeaderHave 10 households in the world that have been played for ten generations or morenone
Legacy PlayerPlay a household for 10 generations or morenone
Legendary LegacyPlay a household for 100 generations or morenone
The Main EventEarn a Gold rating on every social eventnone
Vengeful DeityKill off 10 of your Sims via unnatural causesnone
WhimsicalComplete 100 Whims across all Simsnone
50-Mile-High ClubSuccessfully Woohoo in a rocketshipnone
Hello, Darkness, My Old ChumHave a Sim befriend the Grim Reapernone
Serial MonogamistPerform marriages in 20 unique householdsnone
So... I'll call you?Have a Sim bladder fail while on a datenone
Speed DatingHave a Sim "first kiss" three times at a single social eventnone
Super Best FriendsMake 20 BFFs with non-player Simsnone
WooHoo!Woohoo with 50 unique non-player Simsnone
All NighterHave a Sim stay awake for 24 straight Sim hoursnone
BasketcaseHave a Sim get in and out of all primary emotional states within 24 Sim hoursnone
Black WidowHave a Sim outlive 5 spousesnone
Channel SurferHave a Sim listen to all radio stations and watch all TV channelsnone
I'll get around to it!Have 10 broken objects on a Sim's lotnone
IntrovertHave a Sim do nothing social for 24 Sim hoursnone
My, You've Changed!Have a Sim become both max thin and fat within a lifetimenone
No ExcuseHave a Sim's bladder fail on a lot with 5 or more toiletsnone
Older & WiserHave a Sim age upnone
On a WhimHave a Sim complete 10 Whims at a single social eventnone
Over-AchieverHave a Sim complete 5 Aspirationsnone
The Circle of LifePlay a Sim from birth to natural deathnone
The Most Interesting Sim in the WorldHave a Sim with 12 or more Traitsnone
Triple PlayHave a Sim give birth to tripletsnone
What Makes a Sim Turn Neutral?Have a Sim be fine for 48 straight Sim hoursnone
What would it be like?Woohoo with a ghostnone
Beyond RepairsHave a Sim reach max level in the Handiness skillnone
Bow-daciousHave a Sim reach max level in the Violin skillnone
Cast AwayHave a Sim reach max level in the Fishing skillnone
Code MonkHave a Sim reach max level in the Programming skillnone
Connoisseurus RexHave a Sim reach max level in the Gourmet Cooking skillnone
ElementaryHave a Sim reach max level in the Logic skillnone
Fired UpHave a Sim reach max level in the Fitness skillnone
Games Within GamesHave a Sim reach max level in the Video Gaming skillnone
Green ThumbHave a Sim reach max level in the Gardening skillnone
I'm the Mix MasterMix 100 drinksnone
It's Not Brain SurgeryHave a Sim reach max level in the Rocket Science skillnone
Ivory TowerHave a Sim reach max level in the Piano skillnone
Literal GeniusHave a Sim reach max level in the Writing skillnone
Mael-strumHave a Sim reach max level in the Guitar skillnone
Mischief MasteredHave a Sim reach max level in the Mischief skillnone
Picture PerfectHave a Sim reach max level in the Photography skillnone
Problem ChildHave a Sim reach level 10 Mischief skill as a teenagernone
Refined PaletteHave a Sim reach max level in the Painting skillnone
Smooth TalkerHave a Sim reach max level in the Charisma skillnone
Splice of LifeUnlock a new plant type through graftingnone
Straight for the JocularHave a Sim reach max level in the Comedy skillnone
Tender LovingHave a Sim reach max level in the Mixology skillnone
Tungsten ChefHave a Sim reach max level in the Cooking skillnone
View to a SkillReacl max level in every skill in The Sims 4none
For the Hoard!Complete all collections available in The Sims 4 base gamenone
Harvested InterestHarvest from 50 wild plants in The Sims 4none
RosebudGain 1,000,000 Simolteons in a single householdnone
No Longer SolitaryBring a hermit back to societyOutdoor Retreat
Tastes Like BurningHave a Sim consume every type of toxic plantOutdoor Retreat
Nature's CourseHave a Sim reach max level in the Herbalism skillOutdoor Retreat
Critter CatcherCollect all the insects (21) and all the new fish (5) in Granite FallsOutdoor Retreat
Polar Bear ClubHave a Sim go for a swim while the weather is freezingSeasons