The Style Influencer Career is free for all Sims 4 players. The Stylist Career is a nice addition that is challenging while being very rewarding financially. Some players will enjoy making over poorly dressed and ugly Sims to give them a new look. You'll also unlock a few neat abilities that let you make trends or publish fashion articles for money

How to: Style Influencer Career Cheats
Press Control + Shift + C then type testingcheats on and press enter. You can now get promotions with careers.promote styleinfluencer - you can also see all Career Cheats or visit a full list of Cheats in The Sims 4

Style Influencers get a digital sketch pad early on, which can be used to satisfy painting skill requirements, as well as a camera for photography. This skill made me realize that early in 2018 the developers had changed Photography from a Get to Work skill to one available in the Base Game. When you join the career, you also get a style board which is involved in daily tasks.

The sketch pad is portable and can be used to create paintings much like an easel. It simply has some new interactions for the career, and a new illustrative painting category. Prints of completed paintings will appear in your Sim's inventory, where they can be dragged to a wall to be displayed or sold directly.

Style Influencers get a computer at rank 4 that is very nice (one of the higher end base game models) and can use computers to blog about fashion (writing articles, recording style guides). Blogging may be a work from home task, while the style guides are available for Get Famous players to gain fame at any time.

Nearly all the rewards for Style Influencer come in the first five levels. It would seem there's nothing unique here, though the rewards (both financial and tangible) are great for an early Sim. A $4,000 PC and sketch pad both providing means of making money while bonuses can help you fill out the office with decor. Fantastic.