Strangerville is unique in that it doesn't offer a lot of skills and careers - its prime feature is a new location and storyline that complements that location. For this reason, the list of cheats for this game pack is not very long but there are still a few useful bits of information to relay:

Military Career

Cheat promotions in the Strangerville Military Career by using the cheat console and typing careers.promote military. Mid-way through the career you will get to choose between becoming and officer or covert agent. The rewards and responsibilities of these two tracks differ like all others.

StrangerVille Mystery Cheats

Solving the Strangerville Mystery is a big part of the pack so you don't want to spoil it. However on future runs, you may want to complete this story so that you can move in families in new games without going through the entire process. For that reason I'll point out that you can use testingcheats and type bb.showhiddenobjects - this can let you go into buy mode and search for evidence parts that are normally collected by investigating in the world. Try searching dongle, report, and photo for example. Those that count will say, "Collect 15 pieces of evidence". Not sure if you're able to just buy a Dossier and lab keycard to skip those parts, but a Hazmat suit can also be found in the debug menu and may help you speed up on future save files. I tested and confirmed that they count toward your progress on the investigation as well as for the aspiration aptly titled, 'Strangerville Mystery'.