The Sims 4 Cheat's Wellness Skill comes with the Spa Day Game Pack. The Skill is all about focusing the mind and relaxing the body. Through ancient techniques like Yoga and Meditation, Sims might obtain a font of happiness for themselves and others should they master it. The Skill offers loads of positive Moodlets that can affect the practitioner as well as other Sims who get to enjoy their gifts. This guide will show you around the Skill, levelling it, and how to bestow its benefits upon your Sims.

The best mood for this skill is Focused, which means you'll gain faster if in that emotional state. Pondering moves on the chess board is one option when at home, but given you may not be doing this at home I recommend using Sharpening Saffron Aromatherapy from one of the incense holders available at the Spa. Being nearby, you'll get the moodlet automatically. Using the Practice Yoga interaction on a mat will also give your Sim a 4h +1 Focused Moodlet.

Sims can gain Skill by practicing the three main Wellness activities provided by the game pack - meditation, giving massages, and yoga. The last of these three is likely the best method. Yoga moodlets can put your Sim in a good mood, particularly if you use the mind concentrating routine to get focused in combination with incense. To get started, you can purchase a yoga mat, meditation stool, or massage chair/table for the home. The best thing to do is to actually visit the spa you placed in the neighborhood for a day of dedicated wellness instruction via the Yoga Instructor NPC. Additionally, you will find Wellness books are available for purchase using a computer if you'd like your Sim to learn at home.

Yoga is a fun activity, and raises that need while the mats are portable and allow you to do it anywhere. Taking Yoga Classes is a simple matter of heading to the Spa. You'll find the yoga NPC has a pink icon over his/her head that indicates their status. If you can't find them right away, it'll be obvious who they are when a class starts (it's the room with all the mats on the 2nd floor). Every two hours a new class is announced, on the even hours and will start at 12:30, 2:30 etc. Classes last about an hour and a half and incur various benefits, namely skill gains and a long-lasting Moodlet that can help you in other endeavors.

Know that meditation stools can be put in your inventory, allowing your Sim to do it just about anywhere. Meditation provides a few key features, though the benefits are not immediately obvious. Moodlets like Embarrassed and Stressed can melt away while in a zen state. Meditation doesn't provide any need gains. When successfully meditating, needs will sometimes stop decaying all together, but this happens rarely. You can use this to prevent their needs from dropping when you're a couple of hours from work and in a great mood, plus sometimes get the additional 4h +2 Happy Moodlet that Meditation provides. Meditation also offers random relationship gains with known Sims, and may provide a small bit of skill experience in other Skills

Wellness practitioners can give great massages, but all Sims can give massages that are worth getting. Having someone in your own household learning Wellness is worth it for the excellent massages. A stone massage that costs $300 at the spa can be given at home free of charge, aside from the initial investment of a massage table. It only offers +1 Happiness, but lasts a whopping 24 hours! One of the best Moodlets in The Sims 4, for sure. Aromatherapy massages give Sims the ability to give others specific emotional boosts and will be very helpful.