Know what traits to use and which ones to avoid. Certain traits can make it easier for your Sim to get sick while others can make it much harder. Here are some suggestions to get you started; keep in mind, however, that not all of these traits may be present in all versions of the Sims 4 cheats

  • Avoid the Glutton trait. It will give your Sim a stronger stomach and make it more difficult for him or her to get sick from eating spoiled food.
  • Avoid the Neat trait. A neat Sim will want to clean all the time, and it is harder to get sick in a clean environment.
  • Consider the Slob trait. You will find that the house becomes dirtier faster with them around. A Sim is more likely to get sick in a dirty house

Don't let your Sim sleep for a few days. Your Sims' immune system will go down, making it easier for them to get sick in the first place.

Make your Sim spend time with someone who is sick. The virus will eventually transfer to the healthy Sim, making him or her sick. Here are some examples:

  • Make your Sim go to school and play with a sick kid.
  • Make your Sim kiss someone who is sick.

Remove the bathrooms from your house. If your Sim can't use the restroom or the shower, they will slowly become unhygienic. Once two days have passed, other Sims may even become sick from being around the unhygienic Sim.

  • Unhygienic Sims can get sick, though they're more likely to be nauseated and throw up instead.

Make Sims sick in Sims FreePlay. As of May 2018, the only reliable way to force your Sims to get sick in Sims FreePlay is by shaking your smartphone until the on-screen Sims begin to wobble, then shaking the smartphone harder until they throw up.

  • You can try placing your FreePlay Sims in unhygienic or contagious situations to increase their chances of getting sick.