Scouting is a new after school activity for Children and Teenagers in The Sims 4 Seasons Expansion Pack. Scouting can provide lifelong benefits when you master it, so it's a very worthwhile activity. This works very well with The Sims 4 Parenthood Game Pack, in that a lot of the things that make scouts great also level up character values like responsibility, empathy, and manners. This guide to scouting will teach you how to excel in the career and what you can expect once your child has grown into an adult.

eenagers have more options, but Scouting appears as an option for both. There are no Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, just 'Scouts'. Although it's listed as after school for a child, Scouts meet on the weekends from 2PM to 4PM so there's no need to worry about any conflicts with weekday activities. There is no need to buy a scouting badge board unless you need a new one. When your kid or teen joins the scouts, they will automatically get both a scouting uniform and badge board.

You'll find that when you have joined the Scouting club, the careers tab for your child will now scroll. You'll see school at the top, and Scouts at the bottom with their current rank, daily task, and advancement (promotion) requirements. The ideal mood for Scouting is Energized, though this is a useless bit of trivia, because attending Scouts is merely to retain membership as far as I can tell.

Scouting Badges

In the table below, 'Tasks' states how many 'ranks' there are to earn the badge. This is basically a count of interactions that must be performed. For tasks that take a long time, sometimes you get multiple ranks for every 30 mins of that activity. It's not consistent, at all, however. Homework can earn you a badge just doing it 1x (I hope they patch this, it's stupid easy), but you'll need to draw six pictures to earn the Arts and Crafts Badge, for example.