The Sims 4 Cheats 's Scientist Career is a fun new Active Career added with the Get to Work Expansion Pack. While on the job, you'll do a lot of science-y activities and unlock new inventions and serums, upgrade your SimRay, as well as the ability to order your co-workers around. There are loads of lab coats and accessories to unlock for your Sim in CAS as you get promoted, and you'll gradually get the ability to travel to Sixam, the Alien World in The Sims 4! Look to the screenshots here to see the three pieces of equipment you need to properly do your job. Below, you will find a listing of all the serums and inventions, with what those do and what you need to make them.


You'll need no particular traits to be successful as a Scientist, given the negligible boost that Focused provides to active careers. Geek can be good, given the collectibles present at the Science Lab. Something like 'Good' or 'Cheerful' may be handy as a buffer against negative moods, however. The Curator Aspiration is a little easier to complete as a Scientist, given the collecting opportunities afforded by being able to ask your coworkers for crystals, metals, collectible opportunities on the Laboratory lot itself, and the use of the SimRay to transform duplicate items (very random, but can help!).

A lot of little things can happen at work, but I'll leave those up to you to discover! For example there are collecting days, and days where Aliens have infiltrated the lab. On collecting days, you'll learn of the many valuable items that can be found on the Science Lab's lot. You can get the required 10 collectibles very easily by harvesting the plants in the lab. These plants should be tended from time to time if you want to use them, because they can die.

Scientists can earn gobs of money using the SimRay in its upgraded form. Its transform function effectively changes objects into different variants. Sometimes the same type, sometimes not, but when you start with a cheap object and transform it, you're almost guaranteed to have something more valuable to sell in buy mode.