How to rotate objects and furniture in The Sims 4

We’re assuming that you know in order to rotate objects in The Sims 4, you need to be in build mode. There are some draggable objects which you can move around in live mode and the same rules will apply to them.

The game has two different camera views and how you rotate furniture in The Sims 4  might be impacted slightly depending on which camera you are using.

Rotating objects in The Sims 4 using your keyboard

Rotating furniture in The Sims 4 is easy. Just click on the object once you’re in build mode and use the < key for left and > for right. This will work on both The Sims 4 camera view and The Sims 3 camera view.

It will also apply to rotating entire rooms – that is possible by selecting the whole room in the same way you select an object, but that’s a tutorial for another day. You can see a brief view of how this will look with The Sims 3 camera view on below. For rooms, you can also use the little rotation arrows that appear once you select a room.

How to rotate objects in The Sims 4 with your mouse

Here’s where things get tricky. And we suspect this is why “how to rotate objects in The Sims 4” is such a popular question. In The Sims 4, you can only use your mouse to rotate furniture and objects if you are using The Sims 4 camera view.

If you’re using The Sims 4 camera view, you can rotate objects by selecting the object and then right-clicking with your mouse while you are holding them. Be careful, though, if you move the mouse while clicking and you have an object selected, you might end up rotating the camera view, too. You can see the camera showing rotating arrows in the screenshot below.

It won’t have much on an impact on rotating objects in The Sims 4, though. Just hold the mouse still and you should be back to where you started.