With the base game, we are somewhat limited in the available roof pieces, but as the game progresses, more choice may be added. For now, we have eight choices of roof pieces made up of four different pieces and then a diagonal version of each one.


A basic roof, the gable can form the basis of many different roofs and is characterized by a triangular section of wall on two ends with two sloped roof sections.


The hipped roof has four sections of roof. On a square building, the four pieces will meet at a point in the middle and on a rectangular roof, the two longer pieces will meet along a ridge with a smaller piece at each end.


Half of a full hipped roof with only three roof pieces, the half hipped is similar to the half gable and useful for butting up against a wall.


Although the game does not actually offer us a flat roof option, we can still achieve that look if desired. To add a flat roof to a building, you will need to add an empty room on the upper level. This room needs to be the shape and size of the desired roof, so you may need to combine several empty rooms together. Once there is a room on the upper level, you can add floor covering and a wall trim to the outer edge.


A lot of buildings are not squares or rectangles and the roof cannot be made using just one piece of roof. We will often have to combine different pieces to get a more realistic looking roof and one that is visually pleasing. The simplest combined roofs consist of just two pieces of the same roof type.