Retail Perk Points are given for several different business-related interactions. 

First, you get 5 for every single Retail-related interaction your Sims make with customers. Second, you get 15 for completing a sale. Finally, you can get 10 for restocking an item. This last one can be done after hours if you're swamped. You do not get points for anything your employees do; they are there to help you maximize revenue by taking over tasks like cleaning the store and restocking when you're too busy to do so. This guide lists all the Retail Perks you can purchase by owning a business. Some are decorative, others attract more customers, while several of them will greatly impact your ability to make money by operating a store.

Retail Perks go when you sell a business, so you will want to carefully consider if you want to let those perks go with it. It's hard to tie a value to them, so only sell the business if you want to get out of managing it. Starting a new one may be easier than completely redesigning one, though, and you're sure to get your perks back faster than when you first started thanks to your experience managing it.

You can find commands to unlock these perks on our Sims 4 Cheats