The Sims 4 is all about roleplaying whatever life you want to, using these virtual beings as puppets. But if you’re not down with the time it will take to make some friends, enemies, or lovers, you’re going to want to do some relationship cheats! These are good for making sure each sim has exactly the type of relationship with one another that you want them to have. Here’s how to do this in two different ways.

First and foremost, you need to do what everyone needs to do with every cheat: testing cheats need to be on! Press CTRL, Shift, and C and you’ll see a search bar pop up. Then, you need to type “testingcheats on” just like that, without the apostrophes. Once you do that, press enter and you’ll be able to cheat up a storm!

Now, press CTRL + Shift + C again to open the bar up again. To make two sims have a modified relationship, you need to type in the following:

modifyrelationship sim’sfirstname sim’slastname othersim’sfirstname othersim’slastname x relationshipyouwant

The “x” in there can be from -100 to 100 and represents what percentage you want the relationship to be. -100 is enemies, 100 is best of friends (or lovers), for example.

When it comes to the different “relationshipyouwant” you need to remember these:

  • LTR_Friendship_Main
  • LTR_Romance_Main
  • LTR_SimtoPet_Friendship_Main

Of course, the second way to get all these results easily is to have the MC Controller mod installed. It will let you, with a few simple clicks, get whatever relationship you want from any sims. It just requires installing the mod, first.

That’s about it. Those are all the Relationship cheats you’ll be able to do right within The Sims 4. If you need any other cheats, check out our other guide about all of them. Ask us a question down in the comments below or use our search bar if you’re in need of more help!