Do you like magic? How about spellcasting? Competing with friends to find out who has mastered more tricks? Or, have you ever found yourself waving a magic wand, only to realize it doesn’t work the way you had hoped?

This isn't the franchise's first foray into the world of the magical - the original game had the Makin' Magic expansion pack, which let you cast spells much like you'd cook recipes, and the Sims 3 had the Supernatural expansion pack, which offered the chance to create witches, werewolves, vampires, ghosts, and fairies that all had their own magical skills. And there's already vampires, mermaids, skeletons, ghosts, and aliens in the Sims 4, but it seems like this game pack will up the magical ante.

The trailer features a very suave looking gentleman who stumbles upon a shimmering green portal while on a stroll through the countryside. Naturally, he walks through it, and ends up in a magical realm of floating, purple islands and spellcasters wearing fishnets. Magic is punk.

A green-haired sorceress (she's obviously a sorceress, look at her floor length black robes and plunging neckline) beckons and the young man follows her into a magical mansion, where he drinks a potion and gains magical abilities