The Sims 4 has a limited amount of cheats, and the most important is unlimited money.

Sims 4: Limited Edition PC Cheats:

Press [Ctrl] + [Shift] + C to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function.

List console commands - help

+1,000 Simoleons - kaching or rosebud

+50,000 Simoleons - motherlode

Set household funds - money

Toggle fullscreen mode - fullscreen

Free neighborhood real estate;

activate at neighborhood or world screen - freerealestate on

Disable free neighborhood real estate - freerealestate off

Toggle frame rate display - FPS

Toggle headline graphics - headlineeffects

Reset Sim - Resetsim 

Toggle dying - Death.toggle

Enable Testing mode - testingcheats true

Disable Testing mode - testingcheats false

Exit the game - quit