Exploring unprepared can be dangerous, so this guide's focus is to help you be prepared and provide some guidance on what to watch for while exploring. Getting started is as simple as using your Sim's phone to 'travel', selecting a cabin in Selvadorada and paying rent for as many days as you can afford. If your focus is going to be exploration, pick something cheap and save money for supplies.



Help with the Jungle Adventure Game Pack and its many minor features, focused on an archaeologist.

Exploring the Jungle in The Sims 4 Jungle Adventure's Selvadorada can be challenging, because your Sims will be far from the comforts of home. Having a tent to sleep in is a huge help (outdoor retreat), but you'll also need food. Taking sack lunches or harvested fruits is recommended. A tent is not absolutely required, as your Sim can nap in a bush (as well as satisfy their bladder need) in order to replenish energy.

Your Sim can get into an awful mood from poor hygiene (or being set on fire), so waterfall in a bottle is the perfect solution. You can buy them at the stands near the bar in the marketplace district. There you will also find emergency items that can save a Sim's life or at least prevent a seriously foul mood

The process of buying these supplies is a bit weird - they're on the table when a Sim shopkeeper is there and the market's open. You click the items individually to purchase them. The items present at the shop change a few times each day.


The Jungle is all around us in Selvadorada, but we want a specific place to begin our journey into the unknown. Head to Belomisia Trailhead, located on the western side of the travel screen in Selvadorada, to begin searching places overgrown with brambles. You can clear them with a machete if you took my advice to bring supplies, or your Sim can use their hands and get a little worn out in the process.

What you find behind each area appears to be random, though it may lead to another area altogether. You won't get any loading screens, but will sometimes need to use one of the gateway arches to travel between two areas as they're not traversable by foot. Realize also that you can move the camera overhead to backtrack if you get stuck. You can see very far and use the camera to find out of the way brambles to clear as well as dig sites.