How to catch all Insects in sims 4 cheats

Insect can be found and caught anywhere in Granite Falls. Some Insects can only be found in the secret area in National Park, and some can only be found when it’s dark. Be careful, while looking for insects you can get a bug bite so you will get uncomfortable.

The best way to look for the Insects is to set your game on normal speed and put your camera low to the ground when searching. Don’t pause your game because they are really hard to find when they are standing still. The Insects that are only catchable at night are always somewhat glowing, so those are the most easy to find.

If you want to catch some rare insects in the secret area of Granite Falls like the Walking Stick you can look it up in this map with all the locations of Insects in Hermit’s Mountainside Retreat (secret area).

Catching the Insects in Hermit’s Mountainside Retreat (secret area)

There are some rare Insects that are hard to find in the secret area of Granite Falls so I decided to locate them all for you. The location of the Walking Stick was the most requested insect. The Walking Stick seems to spawn every 24 hours on the same place every time. The rare Will-o-the-Wisp can spawn in 2 different places and only at night.