Zerbu has created a “Go to School" mod featuring an elementary school and high school for kids and teens. The mod requires you to have the Get to Work expansion, but not Outdoor Life. Zebru uploaded their own school lot, but isn’t a necessary download. You can create a school on an existing lot, but there is a list of items required to have on your lots in order for the mod to work:

Elementary School needs:

Activity Tables



Science Tables

A stereo, for the dance that may be included.

High School needs:

Cooking and/or Baking Equipment (preferably both)

Sinks (for the cooking class)

Exercise Equipment

Musical Instruments


Woodworking Table



A stereo, for the dance

At the end of each school day your Sims’ offspring will get a progress report card. This will help you keep track of your child and teen Sims' grades and see what they need to improve. Unfortunately, the mod does not include a career options for your Sims to become teachers at the school. Zebru stated on their blog if EA creates another expansion like The Sims 3 University Life, they may be able to create a teaching career but “no promise.” Check out the school mod for The Sims 4 here.