Raise/lower fame

Interactions that affect fame will be marked with a star icon. Some of these activities include hanging out with celebrities, career and skill tasks, and flaunting wealth. Then there's the reputation, or public image aspects. If you're looking to maintain a pristine image, donate your stuff, treat paparazzi well, and please your fans by taking pictures and signing autographs.

If you want to cheat your way to the top, Shift-click your Sim and select public image. There's a "public image" option now. In the next prompt, there are four options: set reputation, add (or remove) fame quirk, increase (or decrease) celebrity level and freeze frame. The latter two simply increase your celebrity level one at a time and freeze fame stops the fame feature for that Sim. Here are your options for reputation and fame quirks.

Fame Quirks

  • No touching: hates physical contact with strangers.
  • Vain street: loves admiring themselves in mirrors.
  • Juice enthusiast: needs juice to have fun.
  • Emotion bomb: loses emotional control when sad or angry.
  • Paparazzi darling: attracts more poparazzi: gains reputation from having picture taken.
  • Refined palate" requires "Excellent" quality meals.
  • Fan mail: receives junk in the mail.
  • A serious actor:hates funny and mischievous socializing.
  • A stan!: gain a stan that obsesses over you.
  • Public number: receives text messages from fans.
  • Phone fanatic: obsessed with their phone.
  • Brushes with fame: needs to socialize with other celebrities.