I was looking around, trying to find a nice, comprehensive list of all the actions you needed to get Gold in all the different social events and I just wasn't finding *one* list.  So I cracked open a new file, inserted 8 partying sims and a nice big house full of party gear to see exactly what was needed to get gold in *everything*.   If there's a better place to stick this, please feel free to move it!

First thing I noticed, it's not always an identical set of demands.  One time I was asked to have sims play games, another time to dance.  I'll make note of this along the list.  Events in italics are the must completes that top the goal list.  I am writing the list in order that the demands appeared in the party queue, some things show up late and you need to be prepared!

Luxury Party Stuff Pack Notes

The two most obvious adds for parties with this Stuff Pack are of course the buffet and the drink bowl.  I tested it out for a few parties and here's a few things to know.  You can "Call to Meal" using a buffet item for requirements like the Dinner Party or if you need X sims eating at the same time.  However, cakes are not a 'built in' menu item, if your party needs a cake, you need to have one baked on an oven.

The drink bowl counts for X sims drinking at the same time, but some parties need excellent drinks crafted, or a specific drink, and the drink bowl can't help you there, you'll need a bar or a coffee/tea machine. You may be better off setting it for chocolate or fondue and stick to relying on the bar.

So while these two items certainly *help* you parties out, plus give nice happy buffs, they aren't a shortcut to success!  Remember to have a bar/mixologist and ensure someone can provide for cakes!

Black and White Party (Digital Deluxe)

Discuss Black and White things 10 times
3 Sims listen to the piano (or classical music) at the SAME time
Order 2 Zebra Fizzes
Make a Black and White Cake - need gourmet cooking level 1!
Make Coffee or Tea
3 Sims eat at SAME time
3 Sims become playful at SAME time
Craft an excellent drink
Have Black and White food of excellent quality

Gold rewards were a chess set and a piano.  First time through I could not get any sim to listen to the piano player, second time through I got the desire for classical music listening on the stereo and Golded the event.