The Sims 4 Base Game features 13 types of Collectibles that can be gathered by Sims. Each of them are found in different ways, so each deserves its own Guide with lists to help you figure out what's missing. Here you will find the basic information on how to collect each of these, how many there are and where/how rares are found, and a link to in-depth information on prices for every type of collectible. As Expansions and Game Packs add more types to Collect, I'll gradually expand this list so that it always remains helpful for players who want to find everything.

Not Every Collection has a link - this is because the page doesn't exist yet! This section is being prioritized until these are all finished. Thanks for your patience!

Game Pack Additions - Outdoor Retreat adds Insects to the game.

General Collecting Tips for Rocks and Plants
While other types of Collections are completed at home or via Fishing, travel, etc. the biggest burden a Collector faces is completing the Metals, Fossils, Crystals, and MySims Trophies collections. All four come from the same Rocks, and Elements are harvested by sending off Metals and Crystals, so there is a huge variety and thus low chance of you finding one you are missing. Finding more and more of these is necessary to polish off these Collections. Some plants must be found in the wild and introduced to your garden, so these tips apply to those as well.

  • Collecting Starts at Home
  • Pause the Game
  • Pause the Game
  • Day by Day
  • Visit the Parks
  • A Nature Aspiration Helps
  • Know the Collections


  • Aliens: 10 Collectibles
  • Crystals: 20 Collectibles
  • Elements: 15 Collectibles
  • Fish: 22 Collectibles
  • Fossils: 15 Collectibles
  • Frogs: 25 Collectibles
  • Gardening: 32 Collectibles
  • Geodes (Get to Work Expansion Pack): 6 Collectibles
  • Insects (Outdoor Retreat Game Pack): 21 Collectibles
  • Metals: 20 Collectibles
  • Microscope Prints: 12 Collectibles
  • MySims Trophies: 20 Collectibles
  • Postcards: 14 Collectibles
  • Space Prints: 15 Collectibles
  • Space Rocks: 4 Collectibles