Club Perks List

This is not a list of every Perk, because that is unnecessary. One of the best things about the Get Together Pack is how inclusive it is of other Expansion and Game Pack additions. I will give you examples, and you can expect others of the same kind to perform similarly. For things like Club Vibes (emotions) and Skills (gains), we have every emotion and skill already listed on the site - so you can expect to see them represented and get the same boosts.

Club Status Perks

There are only 3 of these - you'll get either a neutral, increased, or decreased relationship standing when first meeting a new Sim. Bad boys can choose to have their reputations precede them, and do-gooders may get that positive boost from people hearing of their great club and the wonderful things it does. You can only select 1 of these at a time. Neutral is default, Popular Club gives you instant acquaintance, like 30% of a green bar and Infamous Club gives a very big negative reaction, like 50% red bar even with a friendly introduction.

Club Handshake

Only one of these may be selected. There are four (or none), and each costs 100 points. You can do the secret handshake among club members even when not in a gathering, it seems to give a good relationship boost. They are found under the club menu, and can only be done with members of the same club (of course).