Creativity Skill for children in The Sims 4

Your child Sim can unlock ‘real’ skills if they max out their child skills: Creativity skill, Motor skill, Social skill and Mental skill. When you max out the Creativity skill you will able to level up the child’s Piano and Violin skill. When your child grows up to become a teenager your Sim will lose some of the Piano and Violin skill levels. In return your Sim will get a head start with this skill.

Level up your child’s Creativity skill

If you want to level up this skill faster make sure your Sim is Inspired while leveling up. There are 4 ways to level up the Creativity skill:

  • Draw at the Art Table
    You can buy the Art Table for 300. Level up your creativity skill to unlock new drawings.
  • Play with the Dollhouse
    You can let 2 kids play at the dollhouse to level them both in the Creativity skill.
  • Play with dolls
    This will work if you choose the option Play on the doll, this can be a Llamacorn doll, Chompy doll or one of the other dolls.
  • Play the Piano or Violin
    This will level up the Creativity skill until you max it out. After this you will be able to level the music skills.

Creativity Skill (child) Level Unlocks

Level 1

  • Draw Shapes (activity table)

Level 2

  • Draw Vehicle (activity table)

Level 3

  • Get more satisfaction from playing on a Jungle Gym

Level 4

  • Draw People (activity table)

Level 5

  • Get an Inspired moodlet while playing with the Dollhouse

Level 6

  • Draw Animal (activity table)

Level 7

  • Write Dollhouse Story (computer)
  • Get more satisfaction from playing on a Jungle Gym

Level 8

  • Draw Monster (activity table)

Level 9

  • Narrate a Tale of Dolls (dollhouse)

Level 10

  • Ability to gain Piano and Violin skill

Cheat – Max out Creativity skill for kids

This cheat will max a child Sims Creativity skill. Use the Cheat Console by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C. Input the cheat code below to max out your skill level. If you don’t want to max your skill level you can change the number 10 with the preferred skill level from 1 to 9.