The Sims 4 Challenges: Rags To Riches

The ‘Rags to Riches’ challenge, designed by SimishGamer, is an exceptionally mind boggling and incredible challenge that will make away every one of those simple steps of your regular Sims game.

How To Play:

  • In any case, this challenge won’t enable you to make it so natural on yourself. To begin off the challenge, after making your Sim you should put them on the biggest empty parcel in your world.
  • Afterwards, take away every penny of their cash, which should be possible with the cash 0, in the command bar that you get by pressing shift+ctrl+c.
  • When you dispose of the greater part of your cash, you will start your life on making your sim live off of only the land around them, while additionally exploiting their surroundings, for example, public parks and different territories.
  • There are different approaches to win cash, which you should do to finish this challenge, this incorporates doing things.
  • For example, collecting and looking after plants in parks, (you aren’t permitted to plant anything on your own parcel,) or painting with an easel in other public offices.
  • You should play in an exceptionally dubious style to help your destitute sim survive, yet once you start advancing with aptitudes and cash.
  • You will in the long run have the capacity to work your way up to turning into the richest and best Sim in the whole game.

The Amazon Challenge

One of the most thrilling Sims 4 Challenges is the Amazon Challenge. You have to play the role of an Amazon women, who is brave, young and has the courage to start her own tribe.

How to Play:

  • Create a YA Female.
  • Your Sims must be beautiful, brave and athletic and you have to choose the biggest empty lot.
  • Its a women only amazon tribe, so the men are only allowed as slaves and breeders.
  • They’ll only be involved in breeding and slavery and you have to discard them afterwards.
  • You can get slaves in combats, an amazon warrior will fight him and take him as a slave after defeating him.
  • Only 2 males can be kept as slaves at a time as too many men are going to spoil this tribe.
  • The sons that’ll be born in the tribe will be used as slaves until they reach their YA birthday and they will be killed afterwards.
  • Any stranger female can use these tribe sons for breeding purposes before killing them.
  • After killing, they’ll be buried in a separate cemetery so they are unable to contaminate the female corpses.
  • Males aren’t allowed to get any job or leaving the lot but the boys can go to schools.
  • If a women of your tribe falls for a man and get married or engaged to them, the punishment is death.
  • The first born female from the creator of the tribe is the heiress and she can take over after her death.
  • An heiress if supported by the tribe can overthrow the creator and take over the throne.
  • In order to do so, she’ll need to fight the creator and defeat her in combat, if she loses herself, she will be banished.