This could get in a way of getting know to our neighborhood. You may not have to attend that late night parties or celebrations. In career mode, you spend most of your time to increase your skills and complete your daily assignments. Some of us don’t have time for all of this things and for all of that we have the best cheats available to make a career a lot more easier in the game.

To use the cheat you have to open up the Cheat console on your gaming platform. Make sure you have enabled testing cheats. This is important for sims 4 cheats. To enter the cheat console box press the button CONTROL+SHIFT+C (command for MAC users).  In the text field of the pop-up box type “testingcheats true”. This will enable the testing cheat mode and now you’re ready to rock and roll. Once you have chosen a specified career and are hired in your path you want, you are all set to use the cheats.

These sims 4 cheats will give you a promotion. So if you want to climb the ladder of success keep pasting the box in the command box. After a while, you may need to stop and choose a particular branch of the career, so stay alert for specific notifications. You can also demote your sim to lower levels and start a new completely different path. Simply use the keyword “Promote” and “demote” as you like.

There are so many careers to choose from. Some important sims 4 career mod are listed below.

Sims 4 Careers List

There are 16 different Career list in the game till now. From EA it’s expected to have some more in the recent release of the sims 4 seasons expansion pack. But the most common Career list till now is listed below.

  • Athlete: promote athletic, careers
  • Astronaut: promote astronaut, careers
  • Business: promote business, careers
  • Culinary: promote culinary, careers
  • Critic: promote adult_critic, careers
  • Criminal: promote criminal, careers
  • Doctor: promote doctor, career
  • Detective: promote detective, careers
  • Entertainer: promote entertainer, careers
  • Politics: promote activist, career
  • Painter: promote painter, career
  • Social Media: promote social media, careers
  • Scientist: promote scientist, careers
  • Secret Agent: promote secret agent, careers
  • Tech Guru: promote tech guru, careers
  • Writer: promote writer, careers

All the career modes are same for each platform sims 4 careers ps4, Xbox One and PC are same. Make sure to enable sims 4 testing cheats to load an area until a bug is fixed.

Sims 4 Skill Cheat

A complete list of 23 different skills rank cheat is listed below. Each rank contains 10 different levels.

  1. Major_Comedy
  2. Major_Baking – stats.set_skill_level major_baking x
  3. Major_Charisma
  4. Major_Herbalism
  5. Major_Fishing
  6. Major_DJMixing – Get Together
  7. Major_Piano – (Piano )
  8. Major_GourmetCooking
  9. Major_Logic – (Logic )
  10. Major_Painting – (Painting )
  11. Major_Photography – Max 5, Get to Work (Photography )
  12. Major_Mischief – (Mischief)
  13. Major_Programming – (Programming )
  14. Major_PipeOrgan – (Vampires)
  15. Major_Parenting – (Parenting Skill) (Parenthood Game Pack)
  16. Major_Reaping – not really a thing, but it’s there.
  17. Major_Veterinarian – (Cats and Dogs Expansion) (Veterinarian )
  18. Major_RocketScience – (Rocket Science )
  19. Major_Singing – (Singing) (City Living Expansion)
  20. Major_Writing – (Writing )
  21. Major_VideoGaming – (Video Gaming )
  22. Major_Wellness – Spa day Game Pack
  23. Major_Violin – Music