There are a few cheats we can use while building in Sims 4. Usually very easy to use, they can enhance our builds and can help to make them look more realistic.


Possibly one of the most used cheats in building. To activate type bb.moveobjects on and retype to turn the cheat off. With this on, you will be able to place items in places that the game would not normally allow. You can place things closer together or even touching. With this cheat, you could combine two pieces of furniture to make one larger pieces, for example, two Unabashed Sofas at right angles to each other make a nice corner lounge. Join tables together to make larger tables. Be aware though, that combining items can affect your sim's ability to use part or all of the item or can cause strange visuals when they do use it. It's a good idea to test objects placed with this cheat, especially if you intend to share the build.

Sims 4 Building How-To's: moveobjects cheat

The move object cheat does have some limitations. While it will allow two windows to be placed on one section of wall, it will cause some strange visuals. Sometimes too, the game will not acknowledge that an item is placed in an unusual place and again, some strange visuals could result when a Sim uses that item.

Sims 4 Building How-To's: game doesn't recognize when something is placed using a cheat

While the move objects cheat is activated, we can also adjust the height at which something sits. Pick up the item and press the 9 key, every time you press the key, the item will be raised a little. When it's at the desired height, release it and it will stay at that height. To lower something use the 0 key instead. This is useful for placing things on surfaces that the game would not normally allow.

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