Learn how to have a baby, how to handle twins and triplets, and how to influence the gender of your offspring after your Sims Try for Baby so you can have the little boy or girl you want.

Have a Baby by Adopting

Adopting a Baby, Toddler, or Child
In The Sims 4, babies can be produced using Try For Baby or using the computer to adopt. (Choose Household, then Adopt). Adoption costs $1,000 and the player gets to choose between a baby, toddler, and a child. You also get to pick the one you wish to adopt. The computer will show pictures and names of the available babies, toddlers, and children. Click on the one you want. My Sim chose a baby named Savannah. She immediately walked out of the house and disappeared at the street. About an hour later, you'll get a notice that your Sim is bringing home a new family member. You'll also be given the option to change the name of the baby you pick. Your Sim returns with some confetti and the baby is magically in the bassinet. Adopting a toddler or child works the same way.

Have a Baby by Getting Pregnant

To have a baby naturally, a Sim who is able to be pregnant (male or female via CAS options) will have to find a suitable partner/spouse and go through all of the necessary friendly and romantic interactions in order to successfully Try For Baby. My Sim had the Romantic trait and her Aspiration was Soul Mate, which meant that she eagerly sought the Sim who would be the father to her baby. I found that Try For Baby came up sooner than in Sims 3, so less time was needed for the couple to interact romantically. Getting flirty can help boost the success of romance interactions.

The parents were married and had maxed their friendship and romantic bars, and Try for Baby often came up as a first option without having to do any romancing before hand. Sims can also have a male appearance and have the ability to become pregnant, or be female in appearance and able to make others pregnant - see transgender section below for how to do this.