Athletic Aspirations

For now, there is only one Athletic Aspiration, but more may be added later when we get Expansions. Players who choose an Athletic Aspiration will get the High Metabolism Bonus Trait, which helps Sims stay in shape and get muscular more quickly than other Sims.

Creativity Aspirations

Sims that choose an Aspiration from the Creativity category will get the Muser Bonus Trait. This Trait gives Sims better skill gains while Inspired.

Deviance Aspirations

Sims who take Deviance Aspirations get the Dastardly Bonus Trait, which gives them a higher success rate with their mean interactions.

Family Aspirations

Sims who have chosen a Family Aspiration will get the Domestic Bonus Trait which lets them form relationships with their family faster than other Sims.

Food Aspirations

The Essence of Flavor Bonus Trait is gained from Food Aspirations. This increases the quality level of the food and drink they create.

Fortune Aspirations

Sims that choose a Fortune Aspiration get the Business Savvy Bonus Trait which gives them higher-than-average salaries from Careers.

Knowledge Aspirations

Sims that take a Knowledge Aspiration get the Quick Learner Bonus Trait which speeds up the experience rate of all skills!

Location Aspirations

Sims with a Location Aspiration get the Home Turf Reward Trait, which makes them happy when they're in their home neighborhood.

Love Aspirations

Sims with a Love Aspiration get the Alluring Bonus Trait, which makes Romantic Social Interactions more likely to succeed.

Nature Aspirations

Sims who choose a Nature Aspiration get the Collector Bonus Trait, which helps them to be more likely to find rare collectibles.

Popularity Aspirations

Popularity Aspirations come with the Gregarious Bonus Trait, which will help them build friendly relationships faster with all Sims.

Children's Aspirations

Children do not get Bonus Traits for selecting from Aspiration categories, but do get the chance to earn Reward Traits that help them significantly as Teenagers and Adults. Like Adults, Children are able to select a new Aspiration after having completed one, if they are able to do so before aging up. It is possible to complete multiple Children's Aspirations for your child if you are playing on a longer lifespan game.