One of The Sims 4 City Living Expansion's main features are the apartments for Sims to rent in San Myshuno. This guide covers nearly everything you need to know about their rent prices, deposits, and how apartments and penthouses compare to houses in other neighborhoods.

In order to move into an Apartment, a Sim must have at minimum the cost of deposit and should expect to be able to afford the weekly rent for a time. Deposit is the flat cost you pay to move into the apartment. Rent is paid weekly so long as you live there. Sims must also pay for Furnishings, which can substantially boost the cost to move in, but has no affect on the weekly rent.

When you're browsing apartments on the city map, sometimes you'll see an up/down arrow to the right of the building when an apartment building is selected. This lets you see other floors. This appears when a rental has more than one level, so if it seems overpriced it is possible that there are multiple floors to the apartment.

Perhaps the biggest differences builders will notice when designing an apartment are the size constraints. You must work with what you get, and for starter homes that is not much. Other Sims may live in the building, and you have to stay within the apartment's original borders. However you can certainly change the apartment radically to suit your needs. Sims players who make big families will eventually need to move out of the starter in order to have enough room for the family to grow, or else face cramped conditions. Another problem with apartments is the inability to build upward or downward. However, if you get creative you can have a comfy and spacious apartment and access to the freedoms offered in the city.