How to: Turn on TestingCheats on PS4/Xbox
There are some cheat codes that aren't available due to packs not being available at this time.
To bring up the Cheat Console or Cheat Bar PS4 and XBox:
Choose a family to play, and in Live Mode. -
Hold down all 4 shoulder buttons, this will turn on the cheat console. Click the X button to turn on the onscreen keyboard. Enter the cheat and click done to enter the cheat.
To Shift-Click on an item, move the cursor to the item hold down the circle button and tap the X button to open the menu for the PS4 and Xbox is hold down the B button and tap the A button.
Please Note: Turning on and using Testingcheats may disable achievements and trophies for Sims 4 on the PS4, for the active saved game (the saved game that actively being played). Same may be true for Xbox.
The Sims 4 Will Support Cheats on Console, but There’s a Catch