How to turn furniture in The Sims 4

How to turn objects in The Sims 4 and get things just so

How to turn furniture in The Sims 4


Knowing how to turn furniture in The Sims 4 is incredibly important. Rotating furniture gives you a lot of control over the layouts of your homes in The Sims 4, and prevents all your chairs and tables facing the same direction, which just looks weird. The ability to turn objects and move them freely also helps you get more out of occasionally limited space, and can open up a cluttered room. Let's take a look at how to turn furniture in The Sims 4, so you can rotate your way to interior designing freedom.

How to turn furniture in The Sims 4 on PC


To rotate furniture in The Sims 4 just make sure you're in Build Mode, then click the right mouse button when the object you want to rotate is selected. You can also use the keyboard shortcuts < or > to rotate selected items without further clicking.

If you're playing The Sims 4 with The Sims 3 camera style, rather than the default one, then rotate objects by holding down the left mouse button and dragging the item to rotate it instead.

How to turn furniture on PS4 or Xbox One in The Sims 4

On PlayStation or Xbox you can turn things by entering Build Mode, and then you can rotate an object by pressing R1 or L1 on PS4/5, or RB and LB on Xbox One.

As we mentioned at the start rotating furniture is a vital way to maximize the layout of smaller Sim house to open up the space you have available and, to make sure that you're not blocking access to doorways or essential appliances. It also makes for a better layout when you don't have everything pointing in the the same direction.